Hey, guys. It's been a while.

I am sad to say that I am not only resigning as admin, but I'm leaving. I've just lost interest in this place, and I'm too involved with other wikis to make time for this one. While I still find the books amazing and I am eager for the next book, the massive time gaps between the recent books have caused my loss of interest here. This is probably extremely late, this blog, and I apologise for my inactivity. I might as well confirm that I'm leaving altogether. I'd like to thank a few users:

Mistey, I want to thank you for making me admin in the first place. You're sweet, loving, supportive, and you were one of the best bureaucrats  I know. Manulik, you are incredibly smart and kind, and you're friendly and welcoming. You were more active here than me, and I appreciate it. I'd also like to thank Starley and Arcticblizzard, who both kept this place alive whilst I wasn't here. I really appreciate it. 

So everyone - this is it. If I see someone in chat, I might pop in, but it's unlikely that I'll be here anymore. I really hope this wiki blossoms in the end, and that the Seekers series will carry on and become successful. I'll also always remember Lusa, Toklo, Ujurak, Kallik, and Yakone. I'll especially remember Lusa, that little sweetie. To all you guys, I'd say 'I love you', but I'll say it in Portuguese in my last sentence:

Farewell guys, and never forget: I love you all, and will never forget you; te amo.

☮Sorrel. That's the name. Ignite the light...☔ 22:58, April 10, 2014 (UTC)

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