Victoria Holmes, commonly referred to as Vicky, is a former editor of the Warriors and Seekers book series. Vicky collaborates with Kate Cary, Cherith Baldry, and Tui Sutherland under the pen name of Erin Hunter, editing the Seekers book series.

Victoria Holmes was born on July 17th, 1975, in Berkshire, England, and currently resides in London, England.[4]

As one of the members of the "Erins", she does all the plot writing and makes sure the same voice stays throughout the Erin Hunter books.


She grew up on a farm, learning how to ride horses and ponies at the age of two.[5] She would enjoy reading and writing stories of her own as a child, even as young as the age of two.[6]
She studied English at the University of Oxford.[7] After she finished at Oxford, she took a year off so that she could work with horses. After her year off, she became an English teacher.[8] She decided teaching wasn't for her anymore, and became an editor for Working Partners.[9]


She announced in a note on Facebook after the release of the Warriors novella bindup Legends of the Clans, that she would no longer edit for the Warriors series[10], clarifying afterward that it was because she felt she'd written all of the Warriors stories inside her.[11]


Vicky was diagnosed with cancer in 2017[12], but hopes for a complete recovery, and is currently writing her own books part-time.[13]

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Other Novels

  • Rider in the Dark
  • The Horse from the Sea
  • Heart of Fire


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