Wolves are carnivorous mammals in the Seekers series.

General Information

Most wolves weigh around 85 pounds to 150 pounds.
Coat colors vary, coming in russet, brown, cream, gray, black, and white. Wolf pups are born with blue eyes, and as they get older, their eyes change into green, gold, brown, and amber.
Wolves have three ranks in wolf packs; Alphas, which are highest, and Betas are higher rank than Omegas, which is the lowest rank. Omegas eat last, and are not treated with respect by the rest of the pack.
Wolves are carnivores, but they will eat other foods. They usually eat large animals such as elk, bison, caribou, moose, and mule deer. They also eat small animals such as birds and rabbits, and even fish. If there is little prey around, they may settle for grass, berries and fruit.

A howling wolf

howl to pass on an alarm, communicate from great distances, and many other things.


In The Original Series arc

Great Bear Lake

Ujurak, Lusa and Toklo see a pack of wolves who begin to chase them. Ujurak needs to turn into a mule deer to lure them away, while Toklo and Lusa run away and hide.

The Last Wilderness

Ujurak shapes-shifts into a wolf to catch a snow goose for the bears.  When he is a wolf, he only thinks of his prey.

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